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We have grown throughout the years into a premier domestic sew shop. We manufacture simple to very complex detailed sewn assemblies. We can handle your most challenging applications! We utilize accurate CNC material cutting equipment and steel rule shearing machinery in our fabrication. Multifab's sewing technology serves the aircraft, medical, military, and sporting good market places. We currently produce over 2,500 custom part numbers and offer KANBAN, Dock to Stock, and Just-in-Time delivery services.

Multifab Inc. is one of our highest rated suppliers. They have outstanding customer service, top of the line quality, great engineering support, short lead times, competitive pricing… Truly one of the best in the business.
Abraham Baez, Sr. Materials Mgr., Sunrise Medical
Multifab Inc. is a key strategic supplier to BE Aerospace. Their experienced engineering support and strong customer service philosophy creates a model for a true Customer/Supplier partnership.
Sean Myers, Vice President of Programs, SFC-BE Aerospace, Inc.
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  • CNC Gerber Cutting Table
  • 2 Die Cutting Presses
  • Over 75 modern Sewing Machines
  • Steam Press/finishing equipment

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